Web-Based Systems
Adirondack Payroll offers a simple, web-based time and attendance package that allows employees to clock in using a time clock, kiosk or personal computer. Seamless integration to our payroll processing software eliminates errors and reduces the processing cycle. We will automatically email activity reports to your company's designated supervisors each morning. This is an affordable time-documentation solution that's loaded with quality features and fits into any budget. If you are also using Employer On Demand you can quickly and efficiently adjust times accordingly.

Custom Systems
Our system interfaces with a large number of popular third-party software packages. However, if you're looking for a tracking system that is an exact fit to your business needs, or you have unusual requirements, we can guide you in the proper direction. Adirondack also works closely with SWIPECLOCK.com  who will analyze your company's specific needs and install the proper system.