Adirondack Tax Filing Service

Adirondack's tax filing service can take the entire payroll tax burden off your desk. The tax code is ever changing, coupled with new rates, deposit schedules, reporting requirements and new agencies. All of these compliance items will keep you from spending the time to grow your business.

Our most popular tax option is SecureTax. Adirondack will impound your tax liabilities and make the required payments to the correct agencies on time. Included in our Full Tax Service is EFT mandated tax payments to Federal and State agencies, New Hire Reporting for all states, electronic wage reporting and complete quarterly and annual tax form filing. We are compliant in all 50 states.

For those who want to file their own payroll taxes and make the correct deposits, Adirondack is still of assistance.. Signature ready forms and payment checks are available to clients who wish to take on the responsibility of making their own deposits. The most current tax form will be printed and forwarded to your location for signature and filing.

Both tax service options provide the annual production of form W2 and, if necessary, forms 1099M and 1099R.

Regardless of your payroll tax payment requirements, Adirondack is prepared to assist. If you file and pay monthly, every pay, quarterly or annually, we will ensure payments and filings are done accurately and on time.