HR Support Center.  HR is an important function of business.  You must be aware of ever changing state and federal laws and requirements.  Failure to comply can become an expensive endeavor.  Hiring a HR professional might be cost prohibitive for your business, so we are here to help.  Our HR Support Center is the right solution to keep your business up to speed with various HR needs.  For a minimum monthly fee you are provided online access to Employee Handbooks, Pre-written HR Forms and Letters, Job Descriptions and required HR forms.  Furthermore, you will be provided with a Question and Answer Database, news, articles and a glossary of HR terms. Our HR Support Center offers the following:

Employee Handbook
Policy Library
Job Descriptions
HR Forms
Federal Laws
State Laws
Document Customization
Access to HR Professional
Performance Management
HR Glossary

HR On-Demand Option- An HR Professional well help answer those tough questions.  By subscribing to our Adirondack HR On-Demand option, you will get access to a HR professional without having to hire an HR manger or firm.  Should you ever be confronted with hiring, termination, FMLA, harassment, discrimination and other human resource related questions, you will no longer be alone. Adirondack HR On-Demand options provide you access to unlimited personalized HR consulting via email and phone for a minimum month fee.  

Trusted Expertise- You can connect with Human Resources Professionals with years of experience providing the content and insights you need to succeed.

Online Solution- The HR Support Center is available whenever the need arises. You will be able to access the online HR Support Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

Upgrade to Adirondack HR On-Demand- You can upgrade your HR service to virtually outsource your entire HR department. By upgrading, you will receive UNLIMITED HR consultations over the phone or email/internet.  You will get answers to employee relationship questions, unlimited customization of job descriptions, employee handbook, forms, letters and more!

Ignorance Is Not Bliss
2000% increase in employment litigation since 1995
$200,000 average per case court settlement

  • $50,000 average per case litigation costs over 40,000 pages of employment regulations
  • Small Business Administration