EMPLOYER ON DEMAND (EOD), is our webbased Payroll, Tax and HR platform that is the best value in the payroll industry.  EOD is an easy to learn, intuitive, webbased system which can be accessed from anywhere, 24/7 via an internet connection.  EOD gives you quick, easy and accurate access and data entry giving your more control over your payroll process.
EOD is intuitive, customizable and allows for significant drill down of security functions providing a higher level of protection of your employee and other business data.  Complete with customizable data entry screens, quick report access and a robust custom report writer.

EOD is designed to work with individual businesses' needs. Payroll needs can be as unique as each business so software reprogramming and enhancements are an essential aspect of EOD's growth and flexibility. 

Payroll is not an island; it works in concert with other systems at your site like time clocks and general ledger. EOD was designed to reduce data entry not only for entering your Payroll but in transferring the information to these other applications as well. EOD offers several standard import and export formats.

Unlimited Employee Data
To streamline payroll, and to adapt to your ever changing employee needs, employees can have an unlimited number of pay rates, departments, job distributions, automatic pays, deductions, and taxes. Because employees could have relationships with various financial institutions we offer an unlimited number of direct deposits transactions per employee. Employees can breakup their Direct Deposit by flat amounts or percentage of net on an account-by-account basis for each direct deposit. 

General Ledger
EOD will export into most modern general ledger accounting systems. Earning codes, jobs, departments, deductions, taxes, or any other fields you may need can be tied to specific account codes simplifying your general ledger reconciling.

Time-off Benefit Accruals
Each employee can have an unlimited number of time-off benefit plans. Each of these plans will accrue according to a company defined length-of-service table, carry over and other client defined criteria. Each benefit plan can accrue both hours and/or dollars.

EOD has standard reports providing all information needed. However, EOD can be tailored to produce quick list reports and more importantly, via the custom report wizard, drill down to specific codes, departments, employees and data ranges at individual through company levels and totals.

Data Import/Export Features & Time Clocks
Designed for ease of end use in mind, EOD can automatically import data from many major time clocks and Point Of Sale (POS) systems. Import fields can be linked to imported data to allow the data to flow effortlessly in EOD.